ChargeNet unveils new brand identity with redesigned logo and website

ChargeNet unveils new brand identity

ChargeNet, New Zealand’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has unveiled its first brand evolution since its inception in 2015, which includes an updated logo and redesigned website.

“We’re incredibly proud to launch ChargeNet’s brand refresh, which is the first update to the brand since our first charging station launched more than five years ago. Our new, modern branding aligns with the next phase of our business strategy, which is focused on educating the general public about the extensive network of chargers already available and to encourage more New Zealand businesses to adopt EVs as fleet vehicles,” says founder and CEO Steve West.

While ChargeNet is extremely well-known and highly regarded among EV drivers, the Auckland-based company recognised the need to evolve its brand to increase the visibility of the existing EV infrastructure. A key consideration with the new website was to showcase the breadth and depth of the network and to make EV charging easy to understand, especially for those considering switching to an EV.

“One of the major barriers to EV uptake in New Zealand is range anxiety and apprehension around EV infrastructure,” says West. “We want Kiwis to feel confident they can travel the entire country in an EV without fear of running low. Rest assured they can drive nearly anywhere in NZ on ChargeNet’s network of 256 rapid and hyper-rapid chargers.

West wants ChargeNet and EVs to become a topic of conversation in the general public to encourage EV adoption. “We also want our chargers to stand out visually while providing a simple and uncomplicated process for EV drivers. Our new brand is fresh and recognisable, giving our current and future customers a sense of loyalty and security.” he says.

“Our research revealed that most people who recognised our brand were those who dealt with us on a regular basis, such as our commercial partners and existing customers. We wanted to boost visibility of our brand and make our driver collateral such as key fobs a desirable product that users were proud to show off,” says West.

ChargeNet’s new logo stays true to the original ChargeNet branding that the company has built its strong reputation on, retaining the key colours and the iconic plus and minus symbols. The new logo is clean, modern and aspirational, as well as being easily recognisable.

As well as expanding its B2C reach and appeal, ChargeNet was eager to ensure its B2B offering is highlighted in customer-facing communications, with a dedicated commercial section on the company’s new website. “As well as investing heavily in our network of rapid chargers over the past six years, people are unaware we also provide turnkey EV charging solutions for businesses,” says West.

As strategic points on the ChargeNet network, the hyper-rapid (300kW) charging stations at Bombay and Taupo have been updated with the new branding. However, ChargeNet’s immediate focus is on continuing to expand its network of rapid chargers donned with the new branding rather than rebranding its existing chargers.

“Keeping the core elements of our previous logo allows us to update our existing network gradually while we put most of our resources into expanding our nationwide network of chargers for our valued and loyal customers,” says West.

The new website features a fresh and responsive design, enhanced functionality alongside easy access to essential information about our services and the network. Visitors can explore the new site, login or create a new account, learn more about our commercial solutions, and more.