Introducing ChargeNet’s Customer Lead

Introducing ChargeNet’s Customer Lead

We are delighted to introduce a new addition to our team who will play a pivotal role in elevating your journey with us – Kerri Linderboom, our dedicated Customer Lead. This appointment is a significant development for our small but nimble team. It represents our commitment to enhancing our customers’ experience, with Kerri at the helm of our customer success efforts.

In this role, Kerri will assess how we utilise our technologies to problem-solve and reduce customer pain points, all with the aim of ensuring that your interactions with ChargeNet are as seamless, efficient, and satisfying as possible.

Kerri brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this newly established role. Her belief in the power of technology to enhance customer experiences perfectly aligns with ChargeNet’s mission to provide superior EV charging services. We asked Kerri to answer a few questions about herself and what she hopes to achieve in working with ChargeNet’s customers.

What does a Customer Lead do?
Customer management, put simply, is about ensuring customers have everything they need to achieve long-term success with products and services. A significant part of this is pre-empting problems and finding opportunities to improve a customer’s experience.

What skills have you developed in your career that will help ChargeNet to provide an excellent customer experience?
The skill that has been most useful to me throughout my career is empathy. Empathy is at the core of all customer-facing roles. It’s about showing you care about the problem a customer is facing, or that we are preemptively looking at ways to solve it before it ever becomes a problem. This takes an average customer experience and elevates it to a great customer experience.

How did you first learn about ChargeNet?
I’m at the consideration stage of purchasing an EV, and one of my biggest concerns heading into the decision was around range – would I need to give up long summer road trips? Then, a friend who is a passionate EV owner introduced me to ChargeNet and its network nationwide, which really helped to build my confidence in making a purchasing decision in terms of freedom of travel.

What makes you most excited about working for ChargeNet?
I’m most excited about the chance to work for an NZ-founded company that is solving issues that impact their customers’ day to day lives.

What opportunity are you most excited to sink your teeth into?
With the industry rapidly evolving, I’m excited about the opportunity to understand the challenges that EV drivers face daily and how we can better serve these needs.

What’s your dream EV?
If budget wasn’t an option, I’d be cruising around in a Mercedes EQA 350, with the sunroof pulled back to make the most of the summer Kiwi sunshine.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen. I love to bake! I make some killer Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custard tarts).

We are confident that Kerri’s appointment as our Customer Lead will lead to an even better charging experience for you and all ChargeNet customers. Please join us in welcoming her to the ChargeNet team. Should you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to say hello, feel free to reach out to Kerri via email at