Announcing new charging progress features – December 2022

Announcing new charging progress features – December 2022

As we head into summer and road-tripping season, we’re pleased to announce improvements to the ChargeNet experience to help you manage your charging sessions and plan your journeys.

We want our customers to have the best possible charging experience with ChargeNet. That includes introducing features that give drivers visibility of their charging sessions and enable them to get back on the road as quickly as possible once they’ve finished charging, which has the added benefit of helping to reduce waiting times for other customers.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

  • SMS messages and push notifications through our easy-to-use app will prompt drivers about the status of their charging sessions at set milestones.
  • Drivers can check the progress and SoC (State of Charge) of fast charging sessions at any DC charging station on the network via the ChargeNet app.
  • Report Queue function within the ChargeNet app will allow drivers to notify us that they are waiting to use a charge point.

The new features will help to facilitate a greater sense of community, encourage drivers to return to their vehicles promptly, and ultimately reduce congestion at ChargeNet charging stations and shorten wait times for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at these new features and how they are designed to improve your charging experience.

Feature 1: Notifications and alerts about charging sessions

We’ve introduced additional notifications and alerts to prompt you as your charging session reaches critical charging milestones. SMS or push notifications will alert you once a session is initiated. Followed by alerts as the session approaches 80%, and again as it reaches 92% as the rate of charge slows.

When your session has ended, friendly reminders will prompt you to move on quickly to free up the charge point and allow others to charge.

You can monitor an active charging session within the ChargeNet app by selecting the ‘sessions’ tab or by keeping an eye out for these alerts. This leaves you to enjoy your charging break.

The additional alerts are designed to support and inform drivers to ensure efficient use of charging stations over the summer period and beyond.

To receive these notifications and alerts, please ensure we have your correct mobile number (check here) and have downloaded the latest version of the ChargeNet app. Please note notifications and alerts are not available for fleet accounts at this stage.

Feature 2: Monitor progress of any session

The second feature we have introduced indicates the SoC (State of Charge) of active fast charging sessions in progress. To check the progress and status of any active session, select a site that is currently charging on the map and expand the site view by swiping up.

This feature will help you estimate when a session may end and plan your own session and journey.

Feature 3: Report a queue to ChargeNet

The app update also includes a “Report Queue” button on sites with an active session. This function allows you to notify us that you are waiting to use the charger at that location by clicking ‘Report Queue’. We’re testing new features that will inform network planning and help to reduce queues and congestion. Keep an eye out for further developments on this feature in 2023.

We’ve designed the ChargeNet app to make the EV charging experience easier and more accessible than ever before. With the ChargeNet app, you can locate charging stations, check the availability of charging stations and monitor your charging session progress. For the best charging experience and to access these new features, download the latest version of the ChargeNet app.

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