ChargeNet welcomes Tamahere Park to the network

ChargeNet Tamahere Park

List of community amenities grow at Tamahere Park as ChargeNet announces new EV charging points


1 December 2023 – The recently re-vamped Tamahere Park, located in Tamahere south of Hamilton, has added EV charging to its list of community amenities, with the installation of two ChargeNet 75kW chargers with four charging points that will see EV drivers able to charge their vehicle while their children skate, cycle, slide, climb, and play at the park to their heart’s content. The charging site is powered by Ecotricity’s 100% renewable, Toitū climate-positive certified electricity, generated from wind, hydro, and solar.

“Our goal is to support EV drivers in their communities with multiple charging options. The new charging point at Tamahere Park are what we call ‘destination chargers’, meaning that they will provide convenience to park users and the EV-driving public alike. Installing these chargers brings peace of mind to our customers in Tamahere and its surrounds, encouraging local residents to transition to EVs, and building the park’s status as a facility that delivers value for the entire community,” says ChargeNet Chief Operating Officer, Martin Miles.

“We expect that the charging site will be used by families visiting the playground and others taking advantage of the many facilities – basketball courts, walking tracks, restrooms, and local shops like Four Square Tamahere, as well as by local EV drivers who need to top up their charge. We expect it will also prove popular with travellers passing through on the nearby Waikato Expressway, part of State Highway 1. The combination of the facilities available, user-friendly layout, and advanced charging hardware make the site a practical and pleasant charging experience, and a great place to stop for a break on a longer journey if you are travelling through Waikato over the summer months,” he says.

The installation at Tamahere Park is part of ChargeNet’s commitment to double its network in the next three years. Martin Miles says the new charging points will complement ChargeNet’s existing charging points in the Waikato region, meaning Hamilton and its surrounding areas have access to multiple charging points. This, says Miles, supports the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure in the region, as well as its transition to low-carbon transport modes.

“So far this year, 10.8% of all vehicles registered in Hamilton are electric, and the infrastructure needs to be available to support these vehicles. Our goal is to continue to expand our comprehensive, user-friendly network with conveniently located chargers, to support existing EV owners, making the switch to an EV even easier,” says Martin Miles.

The charging site was developed in partnership with Waikato District Council, which says that supporting the development of the charging site is just one more way to demonstrate its commitment to low-carbon forms of transportation.

“Promoting the uptake of clean energy transport with electric vehicles is very important to us, and is a key component of our Climate Action Plan. We continue to look at ways we can reduce the impact of our operations and reduce our district’s reliance on fossil fuels,” says Gavin Ion, Waikato District Council’s CEO.

The rapid charging stations were jointly funded by ChargeNet and EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority), with co-funding from EECA’s Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF).

Richard Briggs, EECA GM Transport, says EECA is pleased to be working alongside companies like ChargeNet in growing the network to meet demand as the EV fleet rapidly increases.

“Our priority is to ensure people can charge where and when they want to. What that means for drivers is there are enough reliable chargers in convenient locations, to minimise the risk of queuing.”

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