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Keep your EV charging costs organised by combining your public charging fees with your monthly energy power bill.
If billing for your ChargeNet account is managed through your preferred billing partner, you may have questions. Here are some common FAQs to help you get started.

Partner Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive an invoice from ChargeNet?

We’ll always send you an invoice if you have used our services in the previous calendar month. The invoice will outline your services and charging session and how the services were paid for.

Why do I need to add a credit card to my ChargeNet account?

A credit card is needed on your account to enable you to charge at any sites that may be excluded from partner billing discounts and to order RFID fobs.

Which sites and services are excluded?

ChargeNet will bill your credit card directly if accessing these sites and services. The terms and conditions may be different for each billing partner. Here is a high-level view of the excluded sites and services.

  • Genesis: Excluded from partner billing are RFID FOB orders and sessions at private chargers.
  • Electric Kiwi: Excluded from partner billing are RFID FOB orders and sessions at private chargers.
  • Octopus: Excluded from partner billing are RFID FOB orders and sessions at private chargers.
What discounts will I receive?

Discounts are defined by the plan you are on with your chosen billing partner. Please check the terms and conditions of your plan or contact your billing partner directly for more information on the discounts you receive.

How does it work?

The initial linking is completed on the partner website. Enter your ChargeNet account details when you are prompted. We then receive a linking request from the partner and validate the link to your ChargeNet account. Once we have linked the accounts, you will receive a confirmation email. To start a charging session, you can do this like you usually would – via the ChargeNet App, QR code, or RFID fob, and from now on, you will be charged through your chosen partner as part of your plan.

What happens when I join Genesis EVerywhere?

Once you’ve joined EVerywhere, your ChargeNet charging sessions will show on your Genesis bill. While subscribed to EVerywhere, you can easily view your charging history, savings, and transactions from Energy IQ. To start a charging session, you can do this like you usually would – via the ChargeNet App, QR code, or RFID fob.

Why can’t I link my account?

If you can not link your account, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have entered the wrong account details on the partner site. Please ensure your details are correct. Usually, you will need your email address, customer number, and password – you can find those on your account in the ChargeNet App.
  • You may already be linked to another billing partner. If that is the case, you would need to unlink your account and establish a new link, as only enable one billing partner per account. You can be linked to a crediting partner like AA Smartfuel and convert AA Smartfuel Discounts into credits while receiving your bills through a partner. 
  • If your account is overdue, please settle the outstanding balance on your account by making a payment and try again.
  • Another reason may be that you are on a shared or commercial account. These accounts are often more complex and currently do not allow partner billing.
When will I be billed for my charging session?

ChargeNet reports all sessions immediately to the billing partner. Sessions will be billed within your usual billing cycle. You will need to check your partner billing account or contact the chosen partner for more information.

I don’t understand the invoice I received from the partner

It’s best to contact your chosen billing partner for more information. ChargeNet passes through the detailed session information such as charging fees, idle fees where applicable, as well as any credits that may have already been applied. The partner will apply the discounts based on your plan prior to passing on the costs to you.

I am linked now – when do my discounts start?

ChargeNet reports all sessions immediately to the billing partner. This means any sessions that happen while the link is active – unless excluded from partner billing – will be passed on. We stop passing through sessions as soon as you have unlinked.

How do I unlink partner billing?

You can unlink from partner billing similarly to how you joined by going to the partner site and managing your account. Once unlinked, we will email you to let you know that your payment method has changed. You can always contact the partner or ChargeNet if you need help.

If I have ChargeNet credits on my account, will I still receive a discount on my charging session?

If you had a positive balance on your account, that balance will be used to cover your charging session costs partially or in full. For partial payments, ChargeNet still reports the whole session cost to the billing partner, where your credit fully covered a session, the session is not reported as there is no outstanding balance to cover. As not billed through the partner, their discounts would not apply to this session.

Why can I not link my account?

Partner Billing is intended for private accounts, and these need to be settled or on a positive balance before linking with a billing partner.

If you have a negative balance and usually pay for your sessions by credit card, please make a manual payment to settle the account before attempting to link your account.

Accounts can also only be linked to one billing partner at a time. If your account is already linked to a billing partner, you will be shown a prompt to unlink first.

If you use ChargeNet as part of a commercial or company account or have monthly billing set up with us, your account does not qualify for partner billing. You will not see the option to link the account to a billing partner.