World EV Day

We’re here to power New Zealand’s EV future

We’re excited to celebrate the fourth annual World EV Day by arming Kiwis with the facts about EV ownership in New Zealand. As New Zealand’s EV fast-charging network, we recognise the important role we can play in making sure Kiwis are plugged into all the news and developments in the EV space.

Charging ahead: overcoming the barriers to switching to an EV

Just like any emerging technology, electric vehicles aren’t immune to criticism. A number of common misconceptions continue to circulate and discourage Kiwis from making the switch to EVs, despite rapid advancements in the industry meaning many of them are no longer true. That’s why we’ve put together a list of common EV myths that need to be left in the 2010s – to help you make an informed decision about whether buying an EV in New Zealand is the right choice for you.

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